Certificates and iCLT Panel Testing

Testing the massive iCLT panels for fire resistance in the fire testing room

Singular panel without any additional layer was tested in order to prove sufficient fire resistance of the supporting structure. When adding more layers like plasterboard etc. the resulting fire resistance even increases. The connecting materials proved to be efficient as they prevented the layers of wood boards from sudden falling apart. The panel behaved as one solid wooden element.

Tested panel type

iCLT Panel Tested
iCLT 81
REI 30 DP3
iCLT 108 B
REI 60 DP3

iCLT 81 kept sufficient bearing capacity even after the fire resistance test

iCLT 81 Panel – Fire Test

Static bearing capacity tests were held
at CTU laboratories in Prague.

Panel NameCharacteristic value of vertical load capacity [kN/bm]Characteristic value of vertical load capacity [kN/bm]
Without any wind load (Internal wall panel)Including the wind load (External wall panel)
iCLT 8161,05642,16712,917
iCLT 81 S91,6472,4112,917
iCLT 135177,72146,8512,917
iCLT 108 B61,05642,16712,917

Given values are valid for panels 3.0 m high. The wind load for external panel is counted for conditions: wind region II, terrain category III, height above terrain up to 10 m. Possible use of paper membrane does not have any negative influence on vertical load capacity.

CTU Test Progression

  • 9 minute test of static bearing capacity with maxixmum load
  • The maximum load was reached when applying 5.12 tons of pressure


iCLT panels have been certified for quality. We are also certified for wood impregnation.